KCH Photography Installation at True Botanicals in Mill Valley

KCH Photography Installation at True Botanicals in Mill Valley

The rotating exhibition of Kimberley Carr Harmon’s work is ever-changing at the True Nature Botanicals store in Mill Valley, California.  The 15 botanical prints that enhance the boutique space have rotating images, creating new dynamic interactions between the art and products.  16 other images including Reflections, Clouds and Sky images, Old Souls and Branches in the Heavens can be seen throughout the “behind the scenes” rooms of True Botanicals.


Kimberley Carr Harmon and True Nature Botanicals are a perfect fit, both embodying the essence of nature and the outside, unexplored world that we live in.  The collaboration between Kimberley and True  Botanical owner Hillary Peterson extends beyond the walls of the shop, with exciting trips and collaborations in the works.  Stay tuned!

About True  Botanicals

Scents that smell beautiful and anti-aging products that really work. No toxins, not ever. Handmade in the Bay Area, with the best ingredients.

“We spare no expense when it comes to ingredients. In fact, industry insiders tell us we spend at least 5 times more on our ingredients than the leading luxury skincare and perfume brands. If red raspberry seed oil is an effective anti-aging ingredient or Moroccan Neroli makes a perfume smell unbelievable, we use as much of it as we need.

We judge our products by the results they deliver AND the safety of the ingredients we use. It’s a much higher bar to reach, but we think you deserve it.”

Hillary Peterson is passionate about creating the most luxurious, most effective personal care products in the world. Scents that smell beautiful and anti-aging skincare that really works. She’s equally passionate about doing so without ever compromising your safety. As a thyroid cancer and melanoma survivor, this isn’t just professional…it’s personal.

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